10 tips from Soken Engineering Ltd on food packaging

Just like serving a dinner, packaging any food has to look not just good, but great. It needs to be appealing.

With our experience in the packaging industry including customer, packaging and machine we can advise and help. Do give us a call to discuss any of your needs.

1. Your food may be delicious, to get customers interested in buying it’s got to be attractive. People need to see how good you are – Soken can show you off.

2. Employing people cost you money, cost efficient heat seal machinery is money in the bank.

3. Food has a fashion, like clothes on the high street, make sure you’re both up-to-date, and can handle the latest food packaging presentation.

4. Use packaging innovations to make your product stand out from the crowd.

5. Be your own judge. Be critical.  If you’re happy with your food product presentation, your customer will be too. The verdict is in your sales.

6. Heat sealing your products takes a few seconds and makes a difference. The impression you create lasts a lot longer.

7. Quality food sealing lasts longer and creates better products, that look better, sells faster.

8. The environment needs the sound of silence? Go electric with Soken’s patented HS35E heat sealer. Seals in virtual silence, no compressor needed!

9. Cardboard is the environmental way forward.  People like helping the world and buy environmentally-friendly products. Our machines easily handle cardboard.

10. Enter the world of heat sealing with a machine range that will suit any level of food production from start-up to mass production.