Parts and Accidental Damage(PAD) Cover

Take advantage of our Parts and Accidental Damage (PAD) protection for your products

(currently HS20, HS22, HS25, HS 35, HS35a, HS35E, ask for a quote for other machines)

Soken’s Parts and Accidental Damage (PAD) Protection gives you the peace of mind to know your investment and budget are protected from the hassles of unexpected repairs and expenses. It covers accidents beyond the system warranty and protects your Lenovo system² PC from non-warranted operational or structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions.  It is a return to base warranty.


PAD protection is currently priced at 12% of today's normal machine price for one year's cover (not including any discount and subject to change).


Why Parts and Accidental Damage Protection (PAD)?

Here are some factors to consider:

  • You will have very little down-time if there is problem
  • Accidents do happen in the workplace and can be expensive
  • You don’t have to purchase spares - just in case
  • Fast delivery of spares in the UK or across the world - get them when and where you need it.
  • Fixed Price for start-ups products, please call for price for other products.

With a single, predictable upfront investment, you can decrease downtime, increase productivity, and accurately predict and budget service costs for the year. Depending on the number of systems covered over the life of the installed base, you could save significantly on unplanned repair expenses.

What’s Typically Covered?

Accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, electrical surges and damage to the integrated screens, buttons, heating-pads, handles. 


  • Your machine accidentally slips off a table and gets damaged.
  • An unexpected electrical surge causes significant damage to your machines electronics during a lightning storm.
  • Liquid is dropped on the machine and the extent of damage is unknown.
  • Something is dropped on the handle and it breaks.
  • Someone damages the heating pad during operation.

What is the Process if taking advantage of the PAD Warranty 

  1. Call the number or use the form on the Contact Page of the web-site.
  2. Return the product to base with the return number and details of the problem inside, ensure the return address and contact telephone number is also inside. 
  3. We will assess and repair the machine and return by courier to you.  We will contact you by telephone if there are any queries. 

What we don't cover 

Cosmetic damage, theft, equipment loss, or failures due to usage outside of normal operating conditions, more than 2 repairs a year, on-site repair (ask for a quote).  We reserve the right to refuse warranty.