1. Your product may be great, but unless presented with appeal, people won’t know how good you are.

  2. Employing people costs money, cost efficient heat seal machinery is money in the bank.

  3. Like the high street, food has a fashion, make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest packaging presentation.

  4. Elegant packaging innovation with heat seal technology will always sell your product.

  5. Optimum quality food sealing delivers better products, lasts longer, looks superior, sells faster.

  6. Be the judge. Think you’re happy with your product presentation? Be sure your customer is too. The verdict is in your sales and contracts.

  7. One opportunity to create a first impression, heat sealing your products takes seconds and makes a memorable impact.

  8. Enjoy the sound of silence? Go electric with Soken’s new HS35E semi-automatic heat sealer, seals in virtual silence. No compressor needed.

  9. Environmental responsibility is news, take a step forward with Soken’s heat seal cardboard sealers.

  10. Think heat sealing is expensive? What price food waste? Production day 3+ shelf life will save you money and minimise your waste.

10 top tips