Is your business needing to seal products at even faster rate than your existing linear automatic sealer? Do you want to achieve a sealing rate of 2200 packs per hour without a large increase in staffing costs? Would you like the flexibility of changeable tooling, enabling you to seal different products? With large contracts to fulfil, we’re aware that reliability and confidence in machinery and equipment are vital for your business. Consistent results, delivering optimum sealing, every time needs to be a given. Are you under pressure to deliver even faster results, or looking ahead and need to be assured of the ability to respond to increased orders when they come? You can step-up and step-back with the Soken HS60C model with its specialist British design and engineered twin head delivery sealing system, get you to where you need to be, even faster.

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This is a high volume performance heat seal packaging system, delivering on all levels with an impressive sealing production rate of up to 2200 sandwich packs an hour, achieved through a twin head sealing system. The rapid high pressure sealing rate is maintained at a consistent level, providing exceptionally efficient production with minimal labour.

The accurate index location mechanism ensures sealing only occurs on seal edge areas of a pack. A cavity top plate design protects the product from heat during the sealing process. A uniquely engineered tooling design maintains accurate positioning of the packaging, for precise sealing.

This operating system can seal the very latest biodegradable cardboard packaging in a variety of sizes. Printers and label applicators can be fitted prior to the integrated pack lift, rail ejection system.

Ideal for: Cardboard sandwich packs

Ideal user: Large volume sandwich manufacturers

  • Seal speed: Up to 2200 sandwich packs per hour
  • Twin head production line system

  • Seal temperature accurately maintained

  • Accurate digital seal timer (additional 5 sec seal option)

  • Precise control of high seal pressure

  • Specific index location and dedicated two part tooling ensures accurate positioning and sealing

  • Product protection at high seal temperature

  • Optional label and printer application facility/function

  • Labour saving

  • Secure stainless steel framework

  • Incorporated locking wheels for easy mobility

  • Quick change tooling plates (approx. 5 mins)

  • Low maintenance costs

Sealing Speed: Approx 2200 packs per hour

Height: 1.7 metres

Length: 3.25 metres

Width: 0.6 metres

Weight: 200kg

Air supply: 5 cfm at 6 bar

Power: 230V 50Hz 1 phase 10 Amps (120V optional)

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  • ADDITIONAL TOOLING OPTIONS – sealing plates can be made to suit changing packaging requirements

  • COMPATIBLE PACKAGING – appropriate cardboard packs can be supplied to suit the HS60C
  • SPARES FACILITY – as manufacturers, all spares are held in stock, ready for next day despatch

  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT – we offer support and advice online or by phone with our sales team and engineers

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