Soken HS32CF MAP heat sealer extends food shelf life

Soken Engineering has launched its latest heat seal packaging machine and it provides Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Significantly extending the shelf life of numerous heat sealed food-to-go packaged products.

Bespoke Tooling

Rather than limiting caterers, test kitchens and other food producers to a small number of set packaging formats, the Soken HS32CF-MAP allows users to choose from an wide tooling range or order bespoke tooling to suit their existing packaging. Giving food producers greater freedom to use both plastic and biodegradable MAP compatible packaging.

Responding to customers’ requests for a compact MAP heat sealing machine, that’s a tenth of the investment cost of a fully-automated MAP machine, the HS32CF-MAP is capable of vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging, or a combination of the two. Reliable and moveable, Soken’s new MAP heat sealing unit offers maximum convenience to extend the shelf life of portioned tray-packed foods stocked by convenience stores, retailers, farm shops and garage forecourts. Including ready-to-eat mixed salads, pre-cut fruits and vegetables, sliced deli meats, raw meats and cheeses.

Extend Shelf Life

Preserve freshness, maintain product nutrition and reduce discolouration, depending on the food, gas mixture and packaging type, shelf life of foods packed with the HS32CF-MAP can be greatly increased. Significantly reducing food wastage and improving food safety, without compromising taste or adding extra preservatives.

A compact thermal heat sealer gas-flushing machine, the HS32CF-MAP is a fully self-contained, simple to use unit. Built from hygienic stainless steel and other FDA-approved materials, it features its own compressor and a reliable, high-performance vacuum pump.  Making it an ideal system for butchers that supply packaged meats and food-to-go products to local shops, caterers and market stalls, as well as fresh subscription delivery ingredients and, restaurant takeaways.

Inserting the filled trays into the interchangeable tool, food staff simply pull the film skin over the trays and close the lid and select from one of 10 vacuum and sealing only programs, or the appropriate pre-programmed modified atmosphere mode.

The unit’s high-quality PID Temperature Control regulates the process variables. Maintaining an accurate and consistent sealing temperature. Cycle times are determined by the selected vacuum percentage – up to 99.9% – and how much MAP gas flush – up to 100% – is introduced.

Mounted on castors and measuring just 497x769x1158mm, processors can easily manoeuvre the unit to filled trays for sealing, minimising spillages and waste.

The Soken HS32CF-MAP will be unveiled on the Jenton International stand (A50) at PPMA 2023.