Soken HS55 linear automatic film and card heat sealing machine

The Soken HS55 heat sealing machine is an automatic linear film and card sealer and can produce up to 2,800 sealed packs per hour.

The HS55 heat sealing maching has an automatic film-feed system and accurate semi-profile cutting there is zero film waste during production. Consistent and reliable sealing is achieved via the integrated digital temperature control and accurate user-settable seal duration, both of which are configurable via the touchscreen HMI. The HS55 can be used in automatic index or manual index mode, giving users full flexibility to suit their production needs and with a stepper-motor controlled indexing system, the film is always perfectly aligned and trimmed.

The HS55 heat sealing machine has the ability to seal the latest eco-friendly trays and films and with quick interchangeable and configurable tooling options, a wide range of tray shapes and sizes can be used on one machine. Optional printer, labelling and pick-and-place handling systems can be fitted on the outfeed.

Key Features

Height: 1430mm
Weight: 250kg
Length: 2450mm
Width: 600mm
Capacity: up to 2,800 packs/hour depending on tray size and film
Electrical Requirement: 230V 1PH 13A
Pneumatic Requirement: 6Bar Clean and dry air 2CFM

Compatible packaging
Appropriate film and cardboard packs can be supplied to suit the HS55

Additional tooling options
Sealing plates can be made to suit your changing packaging requirements

Spares Facility
As we manufacture our own products, all spares are held in stock, ready for quick despatch

View the machine in action here

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