Our sealers can help you increase your heat sealing production to respond to bigger orders. Perhaps you’re looking for a fast sealer able to deliver at an impressive rate, but without adding to your labour costs? Do you need to maintain a good production volume, but want to diversity into sealing other products without the need for another sealer? Are you looking for increased production without taking up space? Soken’s mid-range, 4 up heat sealers can seal up to 800 packs per min. We take the pressure off you to deliver faster and apply it to the sealing, with a semi-automatic operation. Stepping up to the next level doesn’t need to be harder, if fact, we make it easier for you.

Our Heat Sealing Machines

Bespoke Packaging

Are you are looking for bespoke cardboard packaging and something a little more individual to make you stand out from the crowd? Soken can organise bespoke packs for you. Just contact us today or give us a call and we can take care of the rest.

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Additional Tooling

Unlike others on the market Soken make all our own heat sealers. So we don’t tie you in to one specific range of food packaging. Our focus is ensuring you have the equipment and tools you need to seal the packs what you want. Should you wish to change or diversity your product range or packaging at any time, Soken will support you with more tooling as you grow and adapt your packaging range.

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HS35EC heat sealer machine

Over the last couple of years our in house sandwich kitchens have grown. As a food business the quality of the products that we serve to our customers each day is very important to us. The Soken HS35A sandwich sealer has helped us improve production efficiency, product quality and is a very reliable piece of equipment that we just couldn’t function without.

Dan Pearson, Food Development Manager, Westmorland Limited

Having worked with Soken Engineering for more than 15 years now, I have always found their equipment and service to be first class and highly recommend them.

John Hirst, Sandwich King
HS60 heat sealing machine

Soken machines are built to last, we chose to go with them for their speed, reliability and performance of the machines in general. We purchased not 1 but 2, an HS52 & HS60 model. They are great robust machines that will do the job you want.

Sohel Patel, Managing Director, Halal Kitchen Ltd