To complement the HS35 heat sealing machine range, Soken, part of the Jenton Group offers a mobile stand for flexible working. It is specifically designed to provide ease of movement to suit your operational set-up. It also has a slide tooling tray facility for compact and hygienic storage of additional trays, maximising your working area.

A compressor, used with the 35AC model may be stored on the bottom shelf, offering optimum space and functionality of your operating set-up.

An optional stand is also available for the linear HS40 heat sealer.

Heat Sealing Machine Stand


We offer 3 choices of compressor, a low noise compressor, suitable for the HS35AC model, a medium volume compressor for HS52C model and a higher volume compressor for the HS60C and HS60C Advanced models.

Tooling trays & plate options

Unlike many suppliers, all Soken heat sealing machines come with a standard and bespoke tooling plate capability. We do not tie you in to any type of pack. We  provide you with total packaging freedom.

If you change your packaging, Soken can design and produce new tooling plates to suit your new pack, so you have maximum flexibility and efficient use of your sealer.

Tooling tray supplied as standard with Soken's Heat Sealing Machine


Soken manufacture all their own sealers, so we can ensure your business has uninterrupted production. Our off-the-shelf spares for all sealers are readily available. Parts are despatched overnight for next day delivery, offering both confidence and simplicity of service.


Silicon gasket and cutter blades are available from stock. These are easily replaced and available.

25 blade

Exit ramp

An optional Exit Ramp is available for Soken linear heat sealers. It assists the production-line, maintaining the controlled sealing process, keeping the pack stable and correctly aligned to easily and smoothly pass to the next operation.