Heat Seal Packaging - All boxed up and ready to go

The environment, biodegradable, compostable, recyclable – the familiar lexicon of prevalent terms, which appear when discussing modern packaging! Terms behind which, a great deal of development work has been going on.

Buyers are more aware of their environmental responsibilities

We have recently seen more awareness from buyers on how the products they purchase are packaged and the effects this has on the environment. Because of this the packaging industry has had to respond to meet the high expectations of buyers.  Packaging manufacturers are acutely aware that this is not a passing fad or trend, it’s here to stay and is a growing industry. Consequently, new packaging is increasingly evolving and entering the food presentation chain, which delivers the food the consumer wants, packaged in a way which meets the ethical environmental credentials the consumer now expects.

So, how to respond to these rapid changes?

How can we help to deliver what businesses and their customers need to reflect and respond to this sea change in the packaging market? From artisan and small scale, cardboard packaging and sealing has now become mainstream for the discerning, environmentally and market aware, retailer and consumer alike.

Soken, with strong links to their customers, have listened to what they want, so have been working at developing a range of heat seal kraft cardboard packs across a range of products, to give a consistent style for customers’ product range.

Responding to customer requests for heat seal salad and pasta boxes, Soken is now able to supply these in a range of three sizes: small, medium and large. And as they’re fully lined packs, they’re suitable for a wide range of diverse products. This range complements the heat seal tortilla wrap boxes, available alongside the standard and coloured sandwich wedges. All heat seal with ease and simplicity on Soken heat sealers and offers extended shelf life while maintaining freshness.

All the new heat seal cardboard packaging will be available ‘off the shelf’, by case or a pallet. This simple approach enables our customers to launch new lines, all on the same heat sealer, broadening their appeal to consumers with a highly cost-effective solution. Contact Soken for more information on 01525 376000 or email info@sokenengineering.com